Mark Harris’ Son-in-law Considering Bid For Office

Jordan Christian, son-in-law of 2018 Republican nominee for North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District, Mark Harris, stated in a post made on Facebook that he is considering a run for public office. The comment was made in relation to a recent vote by the Board of Commissioners to increase sewer and water fee rates by 33% over the next two years. The fee increase is intended to cover the costs of bringing water from the Yadkin River into western parts of the county.

County Commissioner Stony Rushing, who voted against the measure, posted to say that the county lacked a permit for building either the new sewer plant, or the water treatment plant that the increases were intended for. In response, a resident questioned whether or not the rate increase could be reversed since the county lacks the permit. When Christian weighed in with his opinion on that question someone asked if he would consider running for office, he said that he already was.

Union County’s board consists of five members who are all elected on a county wide basis to serve four year terms. Election to the seats is staggered so that three seats are up one year, and then two years later the other two seats come up for election. In 2020 the two seats currently held by Frank Aikmus and Richard Helms are up for election. Both Helms and Aikmus were originally elected in 2012 and neither of them have ever faced a primary challenge. Both have filed for 2020 in hopes of being elected to a third term. Helms joined Rushing in voting against the rate increase while Aikmus was in the majority with Jerry Simpson and Dennis Rape.

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