Swing Race Takes Shape In Guilford County

One of the key races that will decide control of the NC House of Representatives began to take shape yesterday when Democrat Nicole Quick filed to run against Rep. Jon Hardister in District 59. The Guilford County district is one that the Democrats are targeting to flip this year as they seek to gain the six seats necessary to take control of the house.

While it is unclear yet whether either candidate will face a primary challenge, the Democratic Party is already rallying behind Quick and the Guilford County party hosted a meet-and-greet fundraiser for her in November. Quick has also received an early endorsement from the Replacements Ltd PAC [sic], a group working to elect progressive candidates.

In 2016 precincts JEF2, and RC1 had been split between Hardister’s District 59, and Pricey Harrison’s District 57, now Hardister has those precincts in their entirety in his district, and they lean much farther in favor of Democrats. Quick lives in one of the blue precincts, so she is not a candidate who comes with the built in advantage of living in a community that needs to be flipped. If she is unable to flip new precincts, then a wave of Democratic voters will be needed for her to win in this district. For Hardister, if having Trump on the ballot brings out supporters who have an inconsistent record of voting, it could help protect Hardister.

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